Where Chemistry Solves Problems in Biology and Beyond

JACS-Amanitin ACIE-2008-47-23


  • Using Synthetic Organic and Bioinorganic Chemistry to Create New Biologic Probes, Imaging Agents, and Catalytic Drugs
  • Over 60 Peer-reviewed publications in 15 years, h-index 21, over 1400 citations
  • 2 patents issued, 1 patent entering national phase and 3 provisional patents filed
  • Placed five Ph.D. students and two postdoctoral fellows in academic positions, two Ph.D. students and two postdocs in industrial jobs, several undergraduates¬† and M.Sc. students in medical schools
  • Winner of a Michael Smith Senior Scholar Award and the 2015 TEVA Award for Biological Chemistry (CSC)
  • Competitively awarded funding from NSERC, CIHR, CCSRI, and Genome-BC